Nail Art Caviar - Luxe Talons

Nail Art Caviar - Luxe Talons

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Be uber glamorous with this Nail Art Cavair kit. Add texture and elegance to your look in 5 different luxe shades
Liven up your look with these super elegant nail caviar. Nail art caviar can add a little something extra to your nail art or cover your whole nail for a brand new look.

Each pack contains five bottles of nail art fun.
Follow these easy steps to get your nails noticed: 1. Paint nails in a colour of your choice. 2. Apply your caviar onto semi wet nails with either a brush or your finger. 3. Press the caviar gently into the polish, to ensure it sticks. 4. Cover the nail with a clear top coat and wait to dry (ta da! Job done).

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